I'm obsessed with lots of things right now...

Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch

Maxi Dresses

Ombrè Hair (Not Whitney Port...duh.)

Blazers, Boyfriend Jeans, and Oxfords

Uphulstered Back Boards

Bold Prints, particularly Blue and White

Cable Knit Sweaters

Emma Stone! DUH!!

The Vampire Diaries
(I know, I know... it's a guilty pleasure. Plus I just really want Elana and Damon to get together.)


Exposed Brick Walls.... and that Headboard. Gorgeous.

Anthropologie... Honestly, I could live in there.

New York City... You have no idea how badly I want to live there.

Phil Dunphy of Modern Family... Do I even need to explain this one?

Gettin' BUFF like a VS Model

Awesome Little Kids

Thick, Messy Eyebrows


Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

CONAN (wearing jeggings)

More Ombrè


Death Cab For Cutie

THIS GUY! I can't wait to get his Halloween Costume on him again!

And THIS GUY! DUH!!! My biggest, greatest, and longest lasting OBSESSION of all. I love you Ben! 


One boulder to the head, 14 staples, and 4 fractured vertebrae later....

So if you follow me or Ben on Facebook, you're probably aware of the accident we had at Fossil Springs in the beginning of August. It was traumatic to say the least, and an absolute miracle that he is still with us. Here is the story from my point of view.

Warning: It gets a little graphic. Sorry!

On Saturday, August 6th, we packed up our car and headed up to Strawberry (near Payson) with a few of our close friends. Ben's aunt and uncle own a cabin that we would be staying at for the weekend. We arrived at the cabin in the afternoon, unloaded our crap, and headed down to the springs. When we got to the top of the canyon to head down, the road was closed. Forest Rangers told us that too many people were down there and had illegally parked, so they can't let anyone else down unless people start to leave. We probably should have taken this as a sign not to go down... oh well. We gathered together to form another plan, and a few minutes later a few cars left and the Forest Rangers let us go down. YESSS!

We headed down the freakin' SCARY canyon, which consists of a tiny dirt road with about a million switchbacks, and no guardrails. Everyone was loaded in Ben's parent's Tahoe... 10 people to be exact. The drive down was so HOT, and the boys in the trunk weren't getting enough air so it started to get a little stinky. =/ Anyway, once we finally got to the the bottom everyone jumped out as fast as they could and headed down the trail. It's about a 30 minute hike down, and once we got to the springs it was MAGICAL!
It was a little crowded, but totally worth it. The water was so nice!

Here is a picture of what the Falls look like. This will also help put in perspective where Ben was standing when the accident happened. Also, it's a lot bigger than this picture looks... just sayin.

See where those people are standing on the left side, right next to the water fall? Well, about 15 feet above that and a smidge to the left, is a rope swing hanging off a tree. Ben was standing right where those people on the left are. Some kids above were trying to run down the hill with the rope swing, to jump further out into the pool. (Keep in mind this is from MY perspective) I was standing over on the right side holding onto Nigel, because he kept trying to bug this other dog. Anyway, I heard some yelling and looked over and saw a few rocks falling off the cliff, and I saw Ben standing there. I have no idea what made me do it, but putting those two together just didn't register, and for whatever reason, I looked away. Good thing, because a 65 pound boulder, the size of a couch pillow, fell on his head.

The very next second I heard SCREAMING, looked over and Ben was gone. I couldn't breathe, all I could do is say "where is my husband?". I saw a figure float up, recognized it was Ben, and dove into the water. I was beyond scared. A million thoughts were racing through my head, "is he conscious?", "is he okay?", "is he ALIVE?". About 4 guys were pulling him through the water and that's when I saw his face. He was wide awake, saying, "I'm okay, I'm okay." I was beyond relieved, until I looked at his head. (I'm still floating about 9 feet away in the water at this point) All I saw was white (his skull), skin flaps (I told you it would be graphic), and blood... e v e r y w h e r e. I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to help, so I turned around and almost puked on the edge of the water. 

As they pulled Ben up, they were already wrapping his head in a towel. I ran up to him, trying not to cry, to make sure he was okay. He kept saying "I'm fine, I'm fine. What happened? Is there blood on my face? My back hurts. Are you okay? What happened? Is there blood on my face?....". He just kept repeating everything over and over. Nobody down there had any medical experience, so we had no idea what the extent of his injuries were. He kept saying his back hurt, but we were more concerned about the damage to his head. There was no telling if is skull had been broken or fractured, or if there was any damage or bleeding in his brain. 

Three people (including 2 of our friends) raced up the trail to get cell service and call the paramedics. About 5 or 6 guys, that we didn't even know, formed a plan, picked him up, and ran him up the hill. I was right behind them the whole time, and those guys were amazing. We are so blessed that they were down there. They moved him so fast, and kept talking to him the whole time to keep him awake. All I could hear Ben say was, "What happened? Where's Breann? Do I have insurance? What happened? Is Breann okay?". I couldn't believe that he was asking about ME. He's just the best husband I could ask for.

Once we got to the top of the trail, the ambulance wasn't there. A guy named Landon, who we didn't even know, told us to get in his truck and he'll take us up. We jumped in and he raced up the road, not even stopping for people in the way. He just held his hand down on the horn and kept going. It was AWESOME. When we were in the truck, Landon and I asked Ben questions to make sure he hadn't lost a ton of his memory. I asked him if he remembered who I was, and he said, "Yeah, you're Breann, you're my wife." Phew!! Then back to the same questions, "What happened? Is there blood on my face?". Then he started to ask me how many times he's asked that. I didn't know what to say because I didn't want him to freak out. I would say, "just a few babe, no big deal."

When we got to the first switchback, the ambulance was pulling around the corner, so we stopped and they loaded him in. I watched them secure him to the stretcher, but I had to step away when they pulled the towel off his head and properly wrap his head. There's no way I could have looked at that. I hopped back in the ambulance when they were finished and began to take his vitals. Here are a few of the questions they asked him... even at the time some of his responses were hysterical.

"Alright buddy, do you know what year it is?"
"Uuuhh... 2011?"
"Yep, do you know what month it is?"
"May?" Looks at me "Crap. That's wrong isn't it?"
"Do you know who the President is?"
"Oh man I know this!.... Uh... uh... crap. Uh... the black guy?"
Paramedics cracking up
"Hahah! Yeah, it's the black guy."

We raced up the canyon and into Pine. There was a helicopter already waiting for him at the church building parking lot. Before they unloaded him, Ben's dad asked the paramedics if they could give him a quick blessing. They told him to make it quick. He jumped into the ambulance with our friend Nick Klein, and one of the paramedics asked if they needed a High Priest. They obviously said yes, and gave him a fast Priesthood blessing. Amidst all the craziness, that was the one time I felt at peace. 

They wheeled him over to the helicopter, and Ben got SO excited! He was all "I'm gonna ride in a CHOPPER?! This is sooo cool! I've never been in one before! Oh wow...". The paramedics advised me that I would not be able to stay with him, which pissed me off, but what can ya do? Our group quickly headed back to the cabin, where I changed, grabbed all my crap, and jumped in the car with Jeff, Mandi, and Keith. They were transporting him to Scottsdale Osborn, so I had about a 2.5 hour drive back to the valley, and had no idea if Ben was going to be okay. 

Once we finally got to the hospital, I had to fill out a couple of papers. After waiting about 20 minutes they let me see him. He was in the prep OR, and completely conscious. THANK THE HEAVENS! I went to see him, and I could see his face become so relieved when he saw me. I can't imagine how scared and confused he must have been. Here is a conversation, I'm pretty sure we had about 5 times in that room.

"What happened?"
"A boulder fell on your head, Ben."
"Are you serious?! Is there blood on my face?"
"Yeah, but the nurses are going to clean it off."
"Holy crap. Are YOU okay?"
"Yes, I'm fine and so is Nigel."
"Nigel was with us?!!"
"Where am I?"
"You at a hospital in Scottsdale."
"Why? What happened?"

 I've never felt so helpless in my entire life. All I wanted was to take my husband's pain away and I couldn't. The most I could do was hold his hand and answer his questions over and over. Results from the head and neck scan told us that the brain and skull didn't appear to have suffered any damage and his neck was fine. He obviously had a concussion, but it wouldn't have any long term effects. However, they didn't check his back, which was what he had complained about originally. Idiots. 

We met with the plastic surgeon, who explained to me what they would be doing in the OR. Ben had suffered from serious head lacerations, and the doctor was concerned that some of the tissue might be too badly damaged to be repaired. (Luckily, everything healed remarkably well in that department.) The anesthesiologist gave him drugs, I kissed him goodbye, and had to wait about 2.5 hours until he was out of surgery and placed in his own room. The doctor put 14 staples in his head and a handful of sutures. 

This is what he looked like when I saw him again. It was so sad. 

As you can see, they didn't even clean up all the blood off his face! I was so ticked... especially because I ended up being the one to do it. Dumb hospital.

The issue of his back hurting wasn't even addressed until the next afternoon, which to this day we are still livid about. They took him in for x-rays at 1PM, and I found out LATER THAT NIGHT from a night nurse, that 4 of his thoracic vertebrae (T2, T3, T4 and T5) were fractured. His T4 was 50% compressed. The freakin' neurosurgeon didn't come in until almost 11 the next morning to give me the exact same news. He had to go in for a CT and MRI that day, and by the time he was done with that, the physical therapists were already gone for the day, so he couldn't get his brace on. They didn't come around until Tuesday morning, and they slapped the brace on him. Basically, Sunday and Monday were a complete waste of time at the hospital, and if they had just addressed the issues when they were supposed to, we could have avoided an extra 2 days in the hospital. Can you tell I hate hospitals? I'm not even sure if I'll be able to watch Grey's Anatomy anymore. I'll get mad at McDreamy and Merideth for messing around and not taking care of their patients.

We were able to go home Tuesday afternoon, and I was beyond excited! I had slept on a crappy hospital recliner for 3 nights with paper blankets. We stayed at Ben's parents for almost 2 weeks because they don't have very many stairs, or a Nigel dog to trip over. It was really rough the first couple weeks. Ben was in a lot of pain, and the brace made him so uncomfortable. Over time, he's gotten used to it. 

After being home for a couple days, Ben's hair was driving him crazy. It kept pulling in his brace, and it had a crap load of dried up blood and neosporin in it. I tried to cut with beard trimmers and they totally gave out. Then I tried to trim the thick pieces off with my shears, but I had to stop because it wasn't working very well, and I was afraid it would dull the blades. I finally gave in and used my peanut (expensive, heavy duty, neck trimmers) and Ben looked like a cancer patient when I was done. It took FOREVER to cut it all off... it was so nasty!

Everyone kept saying he looked like Darth Vader with his mask off.. it was kinda true. Tee hee!

Despite this horrible accident, we have truly been able to see the Lord's hand in our lives. It's a miracle that the boulder didn't damage his skull or brain, let alone kill him. I couldn't believe how many loving messages, phone calls and notes we received. Thank you to everyone who offered a prayer in our behalf, and put Ben's name in the Temple. It's obvious those things worked. This experience has definitely made me more thankful for the little things in my life. More so, it has made me thankful that Heavenly Father gave me my wonderful husband, and let me keep him. Ben is the light of my life. Nothing makes me happier than to know he is my eternal partner, and we will always be together. I now FULLY understand the term of tender mercies. I am grateful for the blessings Heavenly Father has given us through this experience. It has definitely brought us closer together, and closer to Christ. 

Again, thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers and support. Ben is healing remarkably well! He had the staples and sutures taken out of his scalp the beginning of this month, and little hairs are starting to sprout up on his bald patch! YAY! He has to be in his brace 24/7, except when he showers, which kinda sucks, but it's totally helping his posture. His doctor says that any time you break a bone it takes at least 3 months to heal. He told us that Ben's fractures are healing very well, and he will most likely be able to lose the brace by November 6th. I can't wait for the day! I'm so sick of driving him everywhere.

I will try to keep our family blog updated as Ben continues to make progress. All I can say is after this ordeal is over, we are gonna plan an awesome snowboarding trip and leave all these shenanigans in the past where they belong. =)

This is the most recent picture I have with the two of us. It was on my birthday (Aug. 24).. Ben looks so lost haha!


Hair Compare... and a little bit of Breann.

Alright you guys, I'm about to reveal something to you that I have been working on for years. Literally. You may or may not know that Jennifer Aniston has my dream hair. I'm lucky in the aspect that she and I have about the same natural color and hair thickness. Ever since I was a teenager, I would go into the salon with a picture of Jen and tell the stylist that's what I wanted. Sadly, it was never achieved. As I went on to Cosmetology School, I gave up my dream, and did crazy things to my hair. As I entered the salon world, I began to yearn for those perfect honey-gold blonde locks again. I have finally reached it... it may not be exact to some of you, but to me, it's the closest I have ever been. Here is the Jennifer Aniston Hair Compare.

I KNOW, right?!! Try not to notice our complete difference in skin color... seriously, I've never been happier with my hair. To some of you this may seem silly... but to me, it is a serious accomplishment.

Alright, on to the next. So my BFF Andrea Wanlass is an AMAZING photographer! I needed some professional pics for my craft blog, www.getcraftlicious.com, and Andrea obliged. Please don't think I'm obsessed with myself... I'm far from it. These are just some of the only pictures taken of me that I actually look good in. Not lying... my wedding pictures didn't even make me look this good. Andrea, you're a dreamboat. 

These 3 above are edited.... good Job Andrea. I need you to teach me how to edit!!! Now she's probably going to get mad at me because these next few aren't. Oh well!

Okay, that's all I'm going to share. If I keep going, I'm sure I'll be sufficiently embarrassed. Again, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH ANDREA! You are for reals the best local photographer. I can't believe how talented you are and have become! I can't wait to see where Anlyn Photography takes you. =)


Be Grateful

Lately, I have been kind of down in the dumps. Up until Sunday, I had been finding negativity in almost everything. I was annoyed at the fact that we're living with my family. Not that I hate my family, but the few months that we've been living here to save up for a house have been dragging. I was annoyed that Nigel has been naughty, and his favorite spot to pee is on the rug underneath my Mom's grand piano. I was annoyed because I haven't been eating well and I could see the weight piling up. I was annoyed that Ben works the night shift and sleeps all day long so I never get to see him. I was annoyed that my hours got cut at work so we don't have any extra money to take a vacation. I was pretty annoyed that there isn't a community pool near us for me to cool off in and pretend I'm on a vacation.

Sunday did not start off well. I woke up way too late because Ben stayed up all night, which kept me awake. I didn't have time to wash my hair before church so I looked extra crappy. On top of that we were late because of me, and because Nigel decided it would be fun to tear up some carpet. As I sat through Sacrament meeting I couldn't even pay attention to the talks. I was too focused on a boy terrorizing his little brother, and a mother chasing her toddler in high heels as she raced up to the stand. I told myself we're never having kids, which totally isn't true. I seriously considered going home.

Then Sunday School came along. Instead of having it in the Cultural Hall as usual, some genius had the bright idea to move it to the Relief Society room. It was jam packed in there by the time it started and SO HOT! Again, I could hardly pay attention to the teacher who constantly kept veering away from the lesson. By the time he finished we were already 15 minutes into the next meeting. I was in the worst mood and I couldn't shake it. I couldn't even remember what I was mad at, I just knew I was mad.

I decided to stay through relief society, and told myself I would survive it by sitting in the back and playing on my phone. (Gosh, I sound like the most awful person!) The lesson started off by the teacher asking us what some desires were. I sarcastically started listing off in my head all of my desires. As the class started passing around the usual attendance and service sign-up clipboards, a woman walked in late and asked if she could sit next to me. I hardly looked at her as I said "sure."

After marking the attendance roll, I handed the clipboard to her, and noticed she reached for it with shaking hands. That was when I finally looked at her. She was a small woman, looked to be in about her 30's, no wedding ring. As she went to mark the clipboard her entire body was shaking. Her legs, arms, hands and head were completely racked with tremors. She couldn't even turn the pages to find her name, and nearly knocked the clipboard in the air with violent kicks of her knees. I nearly started crying as she looked to me with an expression as to say "Gosh, this is embarassing." I gestured to the clipboard and told her I could mark it for her. As I took it, relief washed over her and the shakes started to calm. I saw where she had tried to write her e-mail address, but only saw small scribbles. I finished writing everything she needed when she looked at me with the most grateful face and said, "Thank you so much. My name is Rebecca."

Rebecca had a smile on her face the whole time. During the lesson, she made a comment and advised the class that she suffered from Epilepsy. She shared, that even though she suffers from this condition, she knows that through faith she can obtain her desires. She whispered to me that she comes from a family of twelve and has 9 younger siblings, most of which are already married. She told me that she's the only one living at home with her parents, and her mom serves in the Nursery. She was very child-like in the way she spoke, but so so kind. Rebecca had me in tears within minutes of meeting her.

Then the teacher decided to play this little video, which by the way, I was bawling at the end of.

At the end of Church I realized that everything I have been complaining about is stupid. So what if I have to live with my parents for a few months? It's not permanent, and once we're out we'll be on to bigger and better things. It's okay that Nigel destroys things because at least he's healthy enough to do it. We lost Chloe to a horrible virus, but Nigel survived and I'm grateful we still have him. Who cares if I gain a couple extra pounds? The only person who notices is me anyway, and I'm grateful to have a healthy body that isn't plagued with disease and illness. Yes, it sucks that Ben works the night shift, but I'm grateful he has a good-paying job, that he can support us with for the time being. I'm grateful that even though I can't go on a vacation now, I've been on countless great vacations. It's probably a good thing there isn't a pool nearby, and I should be grateful I'm not dealing with a sunburn and potential skin cancer. Besides, I've pretty much mastered rocking the pale look anyway.

Yes, those little kids in Sacrament were naughty as heck, but I'm sure those parents are grateful to have healthy children, with the capability to run faster then they can. I'm grateful that I more than likely have the ability to have children of my own, and if not, the Church has the Adoption Program. I'm grateful I have a car to get me to Sunday School and listen to a teacher who took time out of their week to prepare a lesson.

Bottom line is, I am grateful. I am grateful for the life I have been blessed to live, and everything that comes with it.


It all ends.

Well, I finally got to see the last Harry Potter film. It was awesome. I loved every bit of it up until the very end. Why? Because I realized that it's over and I'm sad that Harry Potter has finally come to an end.
Yes, I'm a devoted HP nerd for life. About twelve years ago I read the first book. I was in the 5th grade, and it was probably the greatest thing ever for me. Other kids grew up loving TV shows and pop stars, but I grew up loving Harry Potter and books. When the other kids were waiting in line to get the newest Nintendo stuff, I was in line at Barnes & Noble waiting to pick up "The Goblet of Fire."

Each book opened the door of my imagination a little more. I would stay up until all hours of the night reading chapter after chapter because I couldn't put it down. By the time I did put it down and fell asleep, I was dreaming of Hogwarts. Occasionally, I'll still wake up from having a scary dream about Voldemort or being chased by a dragon. I know, I'm super weird.

 I remember one time, I wrote a letter to J.K. Rowling telling her how awesome I thought she was. I even got a reply letter all the way from London. I felt super special even though it wasn't even written or signed by her. Anyway, The Harry Potter books and movies carried me from my childhood and teenage years all the way to being an adult. I hope that my children will read the books and enjoy them as much as I have.

As sad as I am that everything has come to an end, I'm happy that the stories have been shared. They are uplifting and speak of hope and love, even in a fantasy world. I really hope a new series comes out that is as awesome as Harry Potter. Until then, I'll just wait for them to finish up the Twilight movies. =)

Here's a favorite quote from the books: "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

P.S. I totally colored and high lighted my own hair...  yeah, I get crazy like that sometimes. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Sicky Ben

Poor Ben has started the graveyard shift at Go Daddy and it is killing him! He leaves at 10:50PM to get there in time, and doesn't get home till about 9AM. His sleep schedule is completely whacked and he's practically a zombie now. When I see him, he's sleeping... ALL THE TIME! I feel so bad because he's been sick the last couple days with a fever and swollen glands.
Irregardless, I came home yesterday to find him passed out (probably drunk on NyQuil) and sleeping like this. I laughed so hard and he didn't even budge. Enjoy!

Taking up the entire bed!

Yes, he has super long arms.

I think he looks cute when he's sleeping, especially with his mouth open. I picture that's what he looked like when he was a baby sleeping. I hope our kids are this cute.