I'm obsessed with lots of things right now...

Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch

Maxi Dresses

Ombrè Hair (Not Whitney Port...duh.)

Blazers, Boyfriend Jeans, and Oxfords

Uphulstered Back Boards

Bold Prints, particularly Blue and White

Cable Knit Sweaters

Emma Stone! DUH!!

The Vampire Diaries
(I know, I know... it's a guilty pleasure. Plus I just really want Elana and Damon to get together.)


Exposed Brick Walls.... and that Headboard. Gorgeous.

Anthropologie... Honestly, I could live in there.

New York City... You have no idea how badly I want to live there.

Phil Dunphy of Modern Family... Do I even need to explain this one?

Gettin' BUFF like a VS Model

Awesome Little Kids

Thick, Messy Eyebrows


Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

CONAN (wearing jeggings)

More Ombrè


Death Cab For Cutie

THIS GUY! I can't wait to get his Halloween Costume on him again!

And THIS GUY! DUH!!! My biggest, greatest, and longest lasting OBSESSION of all. I love you Ben! 

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Andrea said...

Awww, I like this post...you are cute, Breann. Miss you!