Sicky Ben

Poor Ben has started the graveyard shift at Go Daddy and it is killing him! He leaves at 10:50PM to get there in time, and doesn't get home till about 9AM. His sleep schedule is completely whacked and he's practically a zombie now. When I see him, he's sleeping... ALL THE TIME! I feel so bad because he's been sick the last couple days with a fever and swollen glands.
Irregardless, I came home yesterday to find him passed out (probably drunk on NyQuil) and sleeping like this. I laughed so hard and he didn't even budge. Enjoy!

Taking up the entire bed!

Yes, he has super long arms.

I think he looks cute when he's sleeping, especially with his mouth open. I picture that's what he looked like when he was a baby sleeping. I hope our kids are this cute.

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