Saying Goodbye to Chloe

It's been about 2 weeks since we put Chloe down. I've been putting off writing about her, because it makes me sad. However, it is time. This might be weird for those of you who don't have pets, but I need to do this for myself.

Growing up, I never became attached to our pets. We had a couple dogs, usually from either the pound or people who were just getting rid of them. We didn't have time to train them, and they were usually kept outside. Most of them ran away because they were crazy. Needless to say, I didn't get that upset when they were gone. When people would talk about their pets or get emotional over them, I thought they were so weird. All I could think was "it's just an animal." I hated the movie Marley & Me. How funny that I turned into one of those "weirdos".

Just before Ben and I got married, we decided to get a puppy. I was excited to have a pet of my own, and when he surprised me with Nigel I was in love! Still to this day, I think he is the cutest dog that ever lived. For our first few months of marriage, we felt bad for the little guy because he was home all alone when we would go to work. We wanted to get another dog, but couldn't afford one that we wanted.

Then, one day at work, a client came in and asked if anyone wanted a girl pug for free. I was like, "say what?!!". She said that her sister-in-law couldn't take care of her anymore, and if they didn't find a home for her they'd take her to the pound. I immediately called Ben and asked if we could at least check her out. He said yes, and we met her the next day.

When the lady sat her down on the ground she was skin and bones. She was very timid around us, and to be honest I didn't think she was that cute. However, she was so pitiful looking that we decided to take her. I couldn't stand the thought of her being taken to the pound. When we got in the car, I held her in my lap because she was so scared of Nigel. He of course loved her, but she barked at him anytime he got close to her. I was beginning to regret taking her.

Once we were home, she wouldn't leave my side. I started warming up to her because she loved to cuddle with me, which is something Nigel had grown out of. Over the next few days I fell completely in love with her. She started to fatten up and her face got cuter and cuter by the day. What I loved most is she was so cuddly. She followed me everywhere and became my best friend. She warmed up to Nigel super fast and they were inseperable from then on.

Chloe was a part of our family. Anytime I was sad or having a rough day, she would sit by my side and give me this look as if to say "everything is going to be alright." She LOVED to lick feet... especially Ben's.

Anyone who met Chloe would always comment that she was a sweetheart. She loved everyone. She was also super protective! When we were in our apartment, I would take naps during the day with her. If there was any sound outside she would quickly sit up and assess the situation. If the noise continued, she'd run to the front door and bark to scare off the "intruder." She'd freak out when Ben came home with his motorcycle helmet on, but once she realized it was him she'd be so excited he was home.

Her under bite would crack us up! She always had the funniest faces. 

She would fall asleep in the most hilarious positions. I swear she was trying to copy the way we sleep sometimes..

When she got pregnant, I was so pissed at Nigel. Not only did I not want to deal with puppies, I didn't want Chloe to go through being prego and giving birth. However, she was pretty cheerful through her pregnancy up until the last few days. She got so HUGE!

When she gave birth to all 6 puppies, I think it was more traumatic for me than her! She was so brave and she knew exactly what to do. I couldn't believe how amazing her instincts were. She was an amazing mom.

Roughly 6 weeks after the puppies were born, Chloe got Parvo. I quickly became the week from Hell... literally. Parvo is a terrible virus that attacks the dog's intestines. They don't eat or drink, and eventually die of either dehydration or the intestines being torn apart. Treatment would have been in the thousands for us, and unfortunately, we didn't have the funds to pay for that. Not to mention, that even with the best treatment dogs only have a 50% survival rate. We quickly began home remedies, which failed us. Chloe had an extremely low immune system from just giving birth. After several opinions from Vets and friends who have dealt with Parvo, it was determined that Chloe had a very low and almost impossible chance of recovery. We struggled for 3 days with trying to make the decision to put her down. I had so much anxiety that I didn't eat... anything. I lost about 7 pounds in 5 days. After days and nights of taking care of her, constant prayer, and crying, I looked in my sweet puppy girl's face and she gave me that same look of "Everything is going to be alright." 

We decided to put her down that night, on Friday, April 29th. She was in extreme amounts of pain already, and to make her suffer through the last days of Parvo would have been inhumane. It was the hardest decision to make... It completely destroyed me, but I know it was the right one, and I do not regret it. Unfortunately, all of the puppies got the virus too. We were lucky enough to save 3 of them. We feel blessed to have this number, because normally all of them will die from it.

Here is a photo of one of the survivors... he is so stinkin' cute!!

The one thing that has been of comfort, is knowing that she and her babies are in a much better place. I told Ben that I picture her laying on a giant bed taking naps and playing with our children in Heaven. Before she died, I told her that I would see her soon. I said it would be a long time for me to wait to see her, but it would be short for her. I can't wait to see her again.

We love our Chloe so much. She is greatly missed in our family, but we know we will see her again. 

This is the last picture taken of her. She was skinny again from giving birth and loving her dress that Ben bought for her. I love her smile. 

So for now, it is Goodbye to my sweet, puppy girl Chloe. We'll see you again soon and I know that you're enjoying your home back in Heaven.

We love you Chloe Bowie!!!

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