My poor, sweet, little Chloe...

Basically the last few days have been a living nightmare for us. Since Tuesday, my little Chloe hasn't been eating any food. She would occasionally drink a little water. She started becoming very lethargic, and when I saw little traces of blood on her towel in the cage, I got really worried. Chloe had a lot of the basic signs of Parvovirus in dogs. I made a vet appointment yesterday, and the test came back with a very strong positive. I was also told that the puppies most likely have it as well.

My poor, sweet, little Chloe has Parvo. It's a virus in puppies that eats away at their intestines, and the dog becomes dehydrated very quickly, and usually has a very swift death. The doctor advised me that even with treatment, there's only a 50/50 survival rate. The best options are either impatient or outpatient care. Both of which cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, which I wish we had, but don't. Many people say that if you can't afford vet bills, you shouldn't have a pet. I agree to that to some extent. If Ben had started his job at Go Daddy a little earlier, we would probably have the funds to pay for the outpatient care. Unfortunately, she caught this deadly virus at a time where we barely have enough money to pay off the monthly bills until our next paychecks. It's completely out of our hands at this point.

With our lack of funds to pay vet bills, and Chloe quickly deteriorating, we have been weighing the option of putting her down. This is my absolute last choice is there is even a hint of hope. However, the last thing I want is for her to suffer. A good friend of ours, Ruth, came over last night and gave us a helpful home remedy. She's has had Parvo puppies herself, and was able to nurse two of them back to health on her own.
Up until this morning she seemed to be doing okay... About 20 minutes ago, she threw everything up. Everything. She is dehydrating very fast. It's literally breaking my heart.

I know this may be weird for some, but please pray that my little Chloe and the puppies can pull through this. She's my sweet little girl, who always cuddles with me and I really don't want to lose her. I know it's out of my hands, but I know prayers help.

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