One Year

Yesterday, Ben and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary. It's hard to believe that we've already been married for a whole 365 days. What a crazy and exciting adventure it has been so far. Ben is a wonderful husband. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to share eternity with.

I can still vividly remember our wedding day. I remember waking up that morning tired because I shared my bed with a little cousin who has a tendency to kick in her sleep. I sat at the kitchen counter and did my own nails because I completely forgot to get them done the day before. I hurried and showered (making sure I shaved every hair off my legs haha) and ran down to the church building to help my mom with centerpieces for the reception. When I walked in, it completely took my breath away. I truly believe that my mom should have been a wedding planner. To this day I still get compliments.

After that we ran to the salon to get our hair and makeup done. Between my appointments my mom made me go to Sonic and eat a corndog and tots because there was a good chance I wouldn't get to eat anything else for the rest of the day. She was right. I was loving every second of getting beautified for my wedding day. I had so much fun with just my mom. I know it's selfish, but I'm so grateful I'm the only girl in my family. My mom has always spoiled me, and I'm so glad I didn't have to share her with a sister.

Doesn't she look super classy?!!! I'm proud to say that I have never once been embarassed by my mother.

Next we were off to the temple. Once I was dressed, I met Ben in the hallway as we waited for family and friends to fill the Sealing Room. I wasn't nervous, but I was super fidgety! I was sooo excited to finally be married to him! Our sealing was perfect. I've never experienced a more beautiful feeling than when I was next to him surrounded by our loved ones. The greatest feeling of peace and love overcame me, and I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world in that moment.

My grandma, aunts and my mom were in the dressing room as I changed into my wedding dress. I just want to say, that I LOVE my wedding dress. I'm still obsessed with it. I see so many girls buying mermaid silhouettes now. I don't wanna say that I'm a trendsetter, but I'm not going to deny it either. (haha j/k... but seriously.) Basically, it's the best wedding dress I've ever seen, but I'm biased.

I met Ben again, just before we walked outside to greet the rest of our friends and family. He looked like freakin' James Bond! I loved his suit and tie. I'm glad we weren't super matchy. Man, did he look good.

As Ben and I walked outside, we were hit with a literal wall of heat. It was so freaking hot on the Temple steps!!! Luckily, our photographer friend, Tyler, is really quick and knows how to deal with large crowds. Pictures were over within 15 minutes and we were off to the reception!

 Left to right: Jordan Bailey, Saac Bowman, Ben, Kyle McDonald, Shawn Larson
Left to right: Ciera Bowman, Wistie Bowman, Rachel Greene, Myself, Andrea Couch Wanlass, 
Shawntae Ridenhour, Chantell Perry

On the way there, I asked Ben what the song was that he picked for our first dance together. He still claims to this day that I never asked him to do that. I was ticked.. it was the one thing I wanted/ asked him to do! Whatever, I'm over it. We decided that it would be to "With or Without You" by U2... one of our most favorite bands! Once there, we set up the line and people showed up right when it started. Then more people showed up... and then even MORE people showed up. I kept thinking to myself "Do we really know this many people?! Dang, I guess we are a pretty big deal." I later found out that there wasn't enough seating for everyone, and they had to quickly go set up tables in other rooms. It was definitely a party! There was TONS of Mexican food... it was dreamy.

 Andrea Couch Wanlass and I
 (gotta represent my BFF's!!!)

We watched the video that Pam (my Mother-In-Law) made and it was awesome! As I looked around, I seriously saw people in tears. Pretty much, we are super romantic and have a cute story. =)
There were wonderful toasts given by our friends Blake and Shawntae, and Ben's brother Saac. Saac said something that I'll never forget. "Love isn't about finding someone who makes you happy. It's already being happy, and finding someone who you can share your happiness with."

 Ben and Saac
 Shawntae Ridenhour and I
This is Blake Abel... there's really no excuse for him.

We had our first dance together, and it was really cute! Ben can't dance at all so he just held me and we swayed back and forth. I thought to my self, "my life is freaking awesome... I have the hottest husband!"

We split up so Ben could dance with his mom, and me with my dad. My dad asked me where I learned how to dance. I said, "Um, did you suddenly forget the 7 years of dance I took in Jr. High and High School." What the crap?! I didn't expect me or my dad to get teared up during our dance... it was more fun than anything!

We then cut the cake. Luckily, Ben's mom remembered to grab wedding cake cutting utensils because we completely forgot to buy some. Even though we promised not to smash cake in each others faces, I couldn't help myself. 

I was on a high for the rest of the night! Our reception was a success and I wouldn't change a thing if I could go back and do it again. Ben and I were sent off via sparklers, and when we saw the truck covered in saran wrap, oreos, and dirty sayings, all we could do was laugh!

Our wedding was the best day of my life! I seriously wish I could go back and re-live it. I also just want an excuse to wear my dress again. Anyway, Happy One Year Anniversary to us! We made it without killing each other or getting pregnant. Pretty great start if you ask me. =)

Breann : "Yeeeauuuhh!"
Ben : "Who is this girl?"

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