Get Craftlicious

So, some of you may know that I love crafty things/ freaking cute home decor. Well, as of late I've been pretty into DIY stuff. Due to this current obsession, I've started a blog. I want to do something separate from Ben and I because if I have both on one blog, the posts will be ridiculously long. I think I'm pretty good at decorating (thanks to my Momma) and I'd like to share my advice! So, check out my crafty blog!

It is : www.getcraftliciousaz.blogspot.com

One thing that was important to me in creating this is I really, really, really want others ideas! I have a few of my own but I LOVE seeing what others create! If you have cute, crafty ideas I'd love to post them! If not, at least check it out! There's lots of fun projects to come!

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