What the?

Yes, I'm sure that's what you're asking in regards to my blog. Well, long story short: I was messing around with some settings, ruined the entire thing, decided to delete it and start all over. So for those of you who haven't read my previous posts, shame on you and I'm sorry they're gone.
Anyway, Ben and I have had a super fun past couple months. In January I started my new job at Designer Blvd., which is a dream! It's amazing the difference I feel in my life with work-related stress already! We had the chance to go to Newport Beach later that month with Ben's parents and brother. The second we arrived at the beach house, we changed into shorts and hopped on beach cruisers. We had a blast cruising the boardwalk and checking out the sweet (multi-million) dollar houses. The rest of the vacation was spent at the beach attempting to surf and boogie board. The water was FREEZING, but luckily there were wetsuits! All-in-all it was a great getaway! 
In February we had so much fun celebrating Valentine's Day. Ben surprised me that morning with flowers, chocolates, and breakfast from Chick-Fil-A (because nothing says "I love you" like fast food at 8AM!). Later that afternoon we had a picnic at the same park that Ben proposed to me, and played around with the dogs. The best part was that night when we delivered/ pranked a handful of our friends with Valentine's treats. We hooked up the treat with fishing line, hid behind cars, trees, bushes, etc. and when said friend would bend over to pick it up, we'd pull it away. Juvenile? Yes, but loads of fun! 
On the 24th, Ben had his 25th Birthday. We celebrated that weekend with a party at his parents house in Mesa. A ton of our friends showed up and we spent the evening playing Just Dance 2 for the Wii, BBQing, chatting, and having an overall great time. As Ben and I were driving home that night we both commented that we feel so blessed to have such awesome friends. 
Other than that, we've just been super busy with work and the dogs! We're looking forward to the rest of spring and hopefully fitting in a snowboarding trip before the good snow is gone!

Jimmy Eat World Concert
New Year's Eve

Valentine's Breakfast

I got crafty!

Turned my bridal bouquet into something more practical

Chloe likes to spoon

Silly Ben!


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